12 Clean Tinted Moisturizers for Dewy, Glowy Skin


It’s funny to think that I wore way more makeup at age 16 than I do now. My daily makeup routine has become increasingly simple over the years, and I love it. The secret to my streamlined skin? My go-to clean tinted moisturizers. And it’s not just about cutting downtime in the mornings (although that’s a definite perk)—I’m just not interested in layers of foundation and contoured cheekbones for my day-to-day look.

Give me fresh and dewy, year-round please. Whether it’s the dead of winter or the sticky summer heat is in full force, I always crave something light and airy on my skin. 

The Pros of Tinted Moisturizers:

  • You can see real skin shining through while still blurring imperfections, redness, and pores.
  • They feel light and hydrating on the skin.
  • Layers and plays well with other skin products.
  • Most offer some sun protection (but you should try to layer a full-spectrum sunscreen underneath, too!)
  • Bonus: nourishes your skin and boosts your complexion over time.

Tinted moisturizers give my skin major glow, and the great thing is that I can always play up the coverage by adding a touch of regular foundation or a dab of concealer if my skin is breaking out or I want to cover up dark under eyes, etc.

Recently I tried and tested 12 non-toxic brands to find my favorite clean tinted moisturizer and let me tell you, the new crop of natural makeup is good. Packed with skin-boosting ingredients, protective SPFs, and the fresh-faced glow we’re all in search of, these are makeup all-stars. All of them technically fall into the “light” coverage category, but I’ve listed them as sheer or light coverage to further clarify what kind of coverage you can expect.

Read on for what I loved about each one, and let me know if there are any other clean beauty tinted moisturizers that are must-tries.

This post was originally published on July 20, 2020, and has since been updated.


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