26 Chic and Cozy Gifts for Homebodies This Season


Our homes will continue to be havens this holiday season, and it’s safe to say we’re ready to bring on the cozy. We’ve all got that person on our list that loves curling up with a warm cup of tea, sinking into a hot bath, or posting up with a good book. Whether or not you revel in solitude, we’re all homebodies these days, that’s why we’ve rounded up the best gifts for homebodies around.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a bonafide homebody, there are few things as delightful as making our homes as cozy and snuggle-ready as possible. There’s nothing a lovely candle, cozy blanket, and warm socks can’t fix. A comforting night not only gives the body a chance to rest and restore but helps to calm the mind as well. So let’s set the mood with some of these gorgeous accessories. They’re so irresistible, you just might finding snagging a few of these for yourself as well.

So whether or not being a wallflower is in your true nature, there’s no doubt we could all use some little luxuries to bring novelty, comfort, and beauty to our personal spaces right now. Our editors have all weighed in on their favorite gifts for cozying up at home this year. Scroll on for some of our top picks for everyone on your list.

This post was originally published on November 23, 2020, and has since been updated.


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