4 Steps Accompanying Patients for a Mammography Examination


4 Steps Accompanying Patients for a Mammography Examination

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Mammography is an early detection procedure for breast cancer, which needs to be done by women over the age of 40 years. This procedure is not complicated, but often raises concerns for some people. Therefore, the role of companion is also sometimes needed to make patients feel more comfortable and confident undergoing the examination. If you are trusted to accompany a loved one to undergo a mammography examination, here are the things you need to know:

Tips for accompanying people undergoing mammography examinations
1. Find out basic information about mammography
Before accompanying the closest person to undergo a mammography examination, it is better to find out first the relevant basic information. Information needed includes the benefits of the inspection, inspection procedures, including examination fees.

Basically the inspection procedure is quite fast and relatively safe. Sometimes there is a sense of discomfort during the examination, but it does not last long, and the benefits of the examination are far greater for women. More detailed information regarding the examination can be asked directly to the doctor or read from trusted sources.

2. Choose a trusted mammography checkpoint
Mammography examinations can be done in most hospitals, and some clinics also provide mammography services. Before the examination is carried out, usually a letter of introduction or consultation is needed in advance with the Doctor.

The advantage of carrying out a more complete hospital examination is easy access if further tests or actions are needed. In addition, choose a hospital that has a supportive and friendly health care provider so that patients feel comfortable.

3. Keep calm
Mammography is actually a very common examination procedure. This screening is part of routine medical check-ups for women over the age of 40, so there is nothing to worry about.

As a companion you can convince patients that this mammography examination is important, the procedure is simple, and routinely carried out by women around the world.

4. Make sure that mammography is the right step
Many people are afraid to undergo mammography procedures for fear that the results of the examination will show results that lead to breast cancer.

As a trusted companion by the patient, reassure the patient that whatever the results are mammography is the right step, and there is a health team ready to assist in the procedure or the next step if needed.

Tell your loved ones that if the results are positive, this can actually be a “benefit” for him. Why so? Because by knowing at an early stage, he can immediately do the treatment needed to prevent advanced cancer. If breast cancer is not quickly detected and treated, the condition can worsen and become more difficult to treat.

Also emphasize that you will always accompany mammography checks from beginning to end until reading the results and the next steps if needed. That way, the people closest to you will not feel alone.


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