Due to a Combination of HIV and Flu Drugs, 70-Year-Old Patients Recover from Corona Virus


Due to a combination of HIV and Flu Drugs, 70-Year-Old Patients Recover from Corona Virus

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One by one, patients diagnosed with coronavirus have recovered successfully. Doctors in Thailand have also found a combination of drugs that have proven successful in treating patients with a new type of coronavirus from Wuhan.

According to CNA reported by the World of Buzz, doctors are trying to combine flu and HIV drugs and then apply it to patients infected with the corona virus.

The result, patients infected with the corona virus managed to recover within 48 hours after the treatment. The patient is a 70-year-old woman from Wuhan who underwent treatment at Rajavithi Hospital in Bangkok.

Previously, the woman had been infected with the corona virus for 10 days. The doctor then gave him treatment with a mixture of anti-HIV drugs lopinavir and ritonavir in combination with oseltamivir flu drugs in large doses.

After the patient consumes these drugs. The results of his medical tests after 48 hours also showed he was corona virus negative.

The patient has been in positive care infected for 10 days. After taking this combination of drugs, the test results become negative for the coronavirus within 48 hours,” explained Dr. Kriangska Atipornwanich, a lung specialist at Rajavithi.

According to Kriangska, the combination of these drugs has good prospects, but he still needs to do more research to determine that this is standard treatment.

Meanwhile, Chinese health officials have used HIV and flu drugs to treat patients infected with the corona virus.

However, other doctors said that similar treatments in the other two patients had different reactions, where one person was allergic to treatment and the other showed improvement.

“We have followed international practice, but doctors have increased the dosage of one of the drugs,” said Somsak Akkslim, director general of the Department of Medical Services who referred to the oseltamivir flu drug.

Therefore, this combination treatment of HIV and flu drugs in 70-year-old patients in Thailand still needs to be discussed and researched before applying to all patients.


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