Experts Reveal How To Kill Corona Virus, Can Alcohol?


Experts Reveal How To Kill Corona Virus, Can Alcohol?

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The coronavirus epidemic is becoming a scourge throughout the world. Various methods were used to avoid viral infections originating from these bats, one of them by using surgical masks to wash hands repeatedly.

name before it enters the body and infects a person, it turns out that the virus with the 2019-nCoV identity is believed to be killed with some chemical fluids such as disinfectants and even alcohol. This was revealed by the Microbiolohi RSUI specialist, Dr. R. Fera Ibrahim, MSc., Ph.D., Sp.MK (K) in the Media Briefing “Corona Viral and Influenza Facts, Behavior and Disease Prevention” at the University of Indonesia Hospital, Depok, Tuesday, (4/2 / 2020).

Fera said that viruses in general, including coronaviruses, are parasitic microorganisms that cannot produce outside the host cell. New viruses can replicate themselves if they enter a living cell. That means, when the coronavirus is in open space and has not infected the host cell, the virus can be paralyzed. One of them by heating at a temperature of around 56 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.

Viruses also, said Fera, can be paralyzed with alcohol at certain levels and disinfecting liquids containing chlorine, hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, chloroform, and lipid solvents.

Warming for 20 minutes after boiling can also be applied to equipment or clothing used in areas where the virus is potentially endemic. Sterilization of devices that require soaking is heated to 100 degrees Celsius can be done for small equipment, certain toys, baby bottles, etc. In addition, natural ultraviolet light, such as sunlight and clean air that is exchanged through room ventilation, is also effective for cleaning viruses including the coronavirus, “said Fera.

In other words, the use of this virus-killing liquid can only be done for external use, not a liquid that is as simple as being taken carelessly.


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