High in Sodium, These 5 Foods To Avoid High Blood Pressure Patients


High in Sodium, These 5 Foods To Avoid High Blood Pressure Patients

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Sodium substances will not cause problems when consumed by Manusia. What is dangerous is when the dose is too much and too much so that it interferes with the function of certain organs. Especially the owners of high blood pressure should be avoided because it can worsen health.
Therefore, know and avoid some high-sodium foods such as those listed below.

1. Various types of sauce

Various types of sauces such as tomato sauce, MUstard, mayonnaise, BBQ and other sauces contain high in sodium and can automatically boost blood pressure. Oyster sauce and oversalted oatmeal which are also included in various sauces to be avoided. The alternative is to use dried chili powder, pepper, or other spices.

2. Fast food

Fast food like pizza and fried foods contribute to increase blood pressure. There is a lot of sodium in the savory and delicious salty taste that is not healthy for the body. In addition, saturated fat from the abundance of cheese, soy sauce and flour-laden bread perfect packaging fast food.

3. Processed meat

Processed meats include sausages, ham, patties, salami and bacon. The combination of sodium, saturated fat and preservatives is the cause of unfriendly processed meat with blood pressure that easily rises if exposed to these ingredients. If you want to eat meat it is better by all at home without preservatives, excessive flavorings and micin.

4. Instant noodles

The amount of sodium in a packet of instant noodles is enough to endanger health especially those who have high blood pressure. The source of sodium comes from instant noodles, spices and a short cooking process. So eat less instant noodles if you want to be healthier, guys!

5. Pickled cucumbers

Pickled cucumbers are made by putting cucumber in salt water and then allowed to stand for weeks to months. Well, this process makes the event lose its health benefits. The salt in the liquid has completely absorbed it and if it is often consumed it is not impossible blood pressure can be low.

Some foods that are rich in sodium, sodium and preservatives are types that should be avoided by people who have high blood pressure.


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