One Bite of These Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Bars & You’ll Be Hooked!


Every year I make a large, extremely gooey pecan pie for my step-grandfather, Norval. Norval has great taste, especially in his pies. He likes his pecan extremely thick and rich with brown sugar filling and not too many pecans. These chocolate bourbon pecan bars are inspired by him and are made extraordinarily decadent with a chocolate bourbon-infused filling on top of a rich shortbread crust.

One bite and you won’t be able to stop ‘mmm’ing’ and longing for a tall cup of coffee. Pro Tip: If you love gifting cookie boxes for the holidays, these bars are a great addition.

Keep reading for all the details on how to make these chocolate bourbon pecan pie bars from Elizabeth van Lierde’s new cookbook, Everyday Entertaining.


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