Reasons for Self-Awareness Are Not Enough to Detect Breast Cancer


Reasons for Self-Awareness Are Not Enough to Detect Breast Cancer

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Checking the embryo lump for breast cancer does not always have to see a doctor. You can just do your own breast examination method (BSE) at home. However, home examinations alone are not enough to ensure that you have breast cancer. Because BSE has many limitations when compared with examinations in hospitals to detect breast cancer.

How is BSE done?

As the name implies, BSE is examining your own breasts by touching your breasts to feel whether there are lumps or not. When you feel a lump in the breast, this is usually a reference for someone to check themselves further.

BSE is an easy breast cancer detection procedure and can be done in a standing, sitting, or supine position. This check is carried out with the following steps:

Standing in front of the mirror while observing the shape, size, and surface of the breast skin
Raise your left hand then touch the left breast area using the ring finger, middle and forefinger of the right hand
Perform up-down movements, circular, straight from the edge of the breast to the nipple
Squeeze and massage the area around the nipple slowly until the tip
Observe whether an abnormal discharge comes out like a yellowish white mixed with blood (pus). If there is, you should watch out. In breastfeeding women, differentiate it from breast milk
Repeat on the right breast
REALIZING can also be done while lying down. It’s easy, put a pillow behind your back. Then, put your right hand behind your head and use your left hand to examine the right breast.

All women are required to do breast self-examination routinely, for example once a week. Do this check while looking in the mirror or taking a bath because it is very easy and doesn’t cost anything.

Unfortunately BSE alone is not enough for detection of breast cancer

REALIZING is actually the easiest way to detect breast cancer lumps. However, this procedure is actually less effective for detecting breast cancer. Even in the United States this procedure is not recommended.

BSE is done by ourselves who tend to lack understanding about breast cancer lumps. Therefore, although BSE is easy to do, often the technique is wrong. This makes the inspection ineffective.

It could be that there is actually a small lump in your breast. But because the technique is wrong you don’t feel any lumps in this area.

In addition to large breasts, the lump may not be palpable because of its small size or its location that is too deep.

When you don’t feel a lump when your breasts are palpated, it is less likely that someone will confirm the condition to the doctor. The reason is, consult a doctor tends to be done only when there are lumps or other unusual signs.

Though recognizing the symptoms of breast cancer at an early stage can increase the chances of recovery. Therefore, because breast self-examination is not effective enough for detection of breast cancer, I suggest you to do other screening such as mammography and breast ultrasound. Both of these tests can help detect breast cancer in its early appearance effectively.

Breast cancer screening is very important for women, especially those aged 40 years and over, because the risk of cancer increases with age.

But unlike BSE, mammography and breast ultrasound cannot be done at home. You need to go to the nearest hospital that provides this examination.

MRCCC Siloam Hospital Semanggi is one of the hospitals that you can go to if you live around Jakarta.

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer that need to be aware of

At the beginning of its appearance, the signs and symptoms of breast cancer are often difficult to predict especially through BSE. The lump became one of the early signs that often appeared and became a benchmark. However, when cancer starts to develop, there are various signs that need to be aware of, namely:

Putting that is drawn in
Breast pain
Fluid or blood from the breast
Indentation in the breast that forms like an orange peel
In addition, body weight of breast cancer sufferers will generally be reduced for no apparent reason if the cancer cells have spread. This condition is usually accompanied by fever and pain in the area of ​​cancer spread.


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