Skillet Eggplant Lasagna Is the One-Pot Dinner You Need In Your Life


I have a love-hate relationship with lasagna. On one hand, you can’t deny the perfection of this classic combo of pasta, meat, and marinara layered between layers of gooey cheese… On the other? Those layers can quickly go from perfect to so heavy that you might find yourself in a food coma shortly after devouring. Plus, when you’re making all the components from scratch, it can be a labor-intensive way to get dinner on the table. So, when I was brainstorming cozy one-pot dinners for the season ahead, I decided that a skillet lasagna was in my future but I was determined to make it easy, vegetarian, and not the slightest bit nap-inducing. Scroll on to see how my skillet eggplant lasagna came to life…

So full disclosure, I’d seen a couple of “skillet lasagnas” around the internet and thought that this one especially was a rather genius way of simplifying the standard casserole recipe. However, it was heavy on the sausage, which doesn’t jive with my plant-based vibes this month… and I also wasn’t too keen on the step where you push each lasagna noodle “under the sausage… use an extra noodle to nudge them under—try to leave a little cushion of sauce beneath them, so they don’t stick to the bottom and burn).” I knew there was a better way.

And that’s when I thought of slicing eggplant super thin, mimicking the shape of lasagna noodles while adding texture, even more flavor, and a major dose of nutritious veggies. Plus, the eggplant could stand in as the bottom layer of noodles, and eliminate the need for sausage altogether, making this healthier and easier all at once. To simplify even further, I used Barilla’s Vero Gusto sauce in Heritage Marinara, giving this dish homemade, authentic flavor in one time-saving step that doesn’t sacrifice on taste.

Scroll on for the recipe, and tag us @camillestyles on Instagram if you give this skillet eggplant lasagna a try!


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