Sports Guide for Women with Breast Cancer


Sports Guide for Women with Breast Cancer

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Being a breast cancer sufferer does not necessarily prevent you from exercising. Silence actually risks aggravating body condition. Breast cancer sufferers, of course, can exercise, as long as you know the limits and safe ways. The following exercise guide for breast cancer sufferers.

Benefits of exercise for breast cancer sufferers
Exercise has many benefits for the health of breast cancer sufferers. If you are currently undergoing cancer treatment, exercise can help keep your body fit and stamina through each process and stage.

In addition, exercise also has many other benefits for breast cancer sufferers such as:

Helps reduce side effects of medications, such as fatigue, weight gain, osteoporosis, and lymphedema (soft tissue swelling in the hands and feet)
Reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke as a complication of breast cancer treatment
Reducing the risk of cancer recurrence
Reduces anxiety, stress, depression, and improves mood
Preventing reduced muscle mass as a side effect of treatment
However, it is important to consult a doctor first to seek his advice before exercising.

How often do breast cancer sufferers have to exercise?
Reporting from the Breast Cancer Care page, breast cancer sufferers should exercise at least 150 minutes every week. This time period is the same as a healthy person in general, but breast cancer sufferers need to pay attention to the type of exercise and its intensity.

It is important to understand that breast cancer sufferers should not exercise carelessly. Especially to force yourself. Because, there are risks that lurk if exercise is not done properly by breast cancer sufferers.

If you are a breast cancer sufferer, you feel very unwell so it is difficult to exercise for that long of the week, no problem. Exercise as hard as you can.

This type of exercise for people with breast cancer
Reporting from the Breast Cancer page here are some types of exercise recommended for breast cancer sufferers:

Aerobic exercise
Aerobics are useful for increasing heart rate, training muscles, and breathing training. In addition, this one exercise also increases stamina and endurance. Not only that, aerobic exercise can also improve mood, make sleep more soundly, and reduce stress of breast cancer sufferers.

Various aerobic sports that can be done by breast cancer sufferers are:

Leisurely strolling
Jogging or running
Riding a bicycle
Flexibility exercises
Flexibility or stretching exercises are exercises that aim to keep the muscles and joints from being stiff. Stiff muscles and joints can make your range of motion limited.

When you as a breast cancer sufferer diligently doing this one exercise, you can easily do any movement. You will have no trouble or feel pain when walking, sitting, and bending.

Flexibility exercises also help reduce the stiffness and posture changes that may occur after breast cancer treatment. Surgery for breast removal, reconstruction, and radiation usually causes stiffness in certain parts of the body.

In addition, sports flexibility can also help relieve stress and make breast cancer sufferers more relaxed.

Some flexibility exercises that can be done by breast cancer sufferers are:

Tai chi
Strength training
Strength training helps strengthen bones and improve posture. In addition, this exercise also helps breast cancer sufferers improve postoperative body balance and muscle weakness.

Strength training can be done in the gym or at home. You can try lifting weights with weights that are adjusted to your body’s abilities. In addition, push ups and pull ups are also strength training that you can try if you are able to live it.

Whatever type of exercise, make sure you do it according to ability. Do not force yourself if you are not able to because it can further weaken your condition.

Sports tips for people with breast cancer
Breast cancer sufferers must exercise safely. Here are tips that you can follow to avoid injury:

Consult a doctor first
Before exercising as lightly as anything, be sure to consult a doctor first. Not just for approval.

In addition to asking for approval, you also need to ask if there are sports or movements that are recommended and should be avoided by breast cancer sufferers. You can ask for guidance from your doctor about how to exercise for breast cancer sufferers who are safe to avoid injury.


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