The 11 Best Anti-Aging Eye Creams for 40s, According to an Expert


Most of you know by now that the Camille Styles team is all about aging gracefully and prioritizing skin health over products that claim to reverse time. After all, we wouldn’t be who we are today without the years we’ve lived, laughed, and cried (sometimes, all at the same time!). And while we certainly don’t want to erase the life we’ve lived from our expressions, we do want to take care of the outside just as much as we want to take care of the inside—wouldn’t you agree? Besides, once you look beyond the anti-aging marketing and take a closer analysis of the ingredients in these products, you’ll realize that they have been specifically designed to support general skin health as well.

Anti-aging products are often packed with powerful peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants that can help to hydrate and nourish the skin which is just what the doctor, er derm, ordered. There’s no time like the present to pamper your delicate eye skin and give it the love it deserves. So, we tapped dermatological nurse and celebrity esthetician, Natalie Aguilar to give us her thoughts on the best anti-aging eye creams for your 40s. But before we dive in, she stresses that when it comes to finding the right one, hydration, active ingredients, and consistency are the name of the game. Noted.

Read on for more of Aguilar’s insights!

Why is eye cream so important in your 40s?

Regardless of age, we always want to take care of noticeable dark circles, chronically puffy eyes, or other eye-specific issues such as fine lines or sagging. Of course, some of this is genetic but our eyes can also be an indicator of internal health issues too. Always consult your doctor or dermatologist if you’re unsure. Once we hit our 40s, Aguilar says eye care is vital for several reasons. This is the time when you lose substantial amounts of elastin, which leads to deeper eye wrinkles. Estrogen levels also start to decline around this time, which causes the skin to become drier and more sensitive. On top of that, loss of orbital fat becomes more noticeable, which causes eyes to sink in and accentuates droopy eyelids. While our 20s are all about prevention, our 40s are focused on correction. The best anti-aging eye creams for 40s support skin health, reverse signs of aging, and increase firmness, collagen production, and brightness.

Keep your eyes peeled for the following ingredients:

  • peptides
  • hyaluronic acid
  • collagen
  • vitamin c
  • caffeine

These actives will help smooth and strengthen the sensitive skin around the eye area as well as brighten, firm, and hydrate the skin.

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