The area around the anus looks red and rough, and the fist is covered in mucus and pus.


The area around the anus looks red and rough, and the fist is covered in mucus and pus. 

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Oral sex (oral sex) with a gonorrhea sufferer will usually cause gonorrhea in the throat (gonococcal pharyngitis). Generally, these infections do not cause symptoms, but sometimes cause throat pain and swallowing disorders. If the infected fluid hits the eye, it can cause an external eye infection (gonorrhea conjunctivitis).

Newborns can also be infected with gonorrhea from their mothers during labor, resulting in swelling of both eyelids and pus from the eyes. If the infection is not treated, it will cause blindness Diagnosis of gonorrhea is based on the results of microscopic examination of pus, which found the bacteria that causes gonorrhea.

If there is no bacteria found on the microscopic examination, then breeding is done in the laboratory. Gonorrhea is usually treated by a single injection of intramuscular ceftriaxone (through muscle) or by oral administration of antibiotics (by mouth) for one week (usually given doxycycline). If gonorrhea has spread through the bloodstream, usually patients are hospitalized and get intravenous antibiotics (through blood vessels or infusions).

In contrast to hepatitis C, a husband who has gonorrhea does not know that he has gonorrhea. If the husband has stubborn gonorrhea, it could be that the gonorrhea has not healed properly. Not infrequently, prospective brides who get gonorrhea have gone back and forth for treatment but have not yet healed as well. For fear of infecting their partners, patients also postpone their wedding day without telling the prospective wife why.

There is a generation of gonorrhea that is stubborn. The symptoms of gonorrhea may not be so obvious anymore, but if you do prostate sap examination, the pus will come out with mucus (through the prostate massage). The symptoms of new gonorrhea are very real. From the hole of the penis in men or in the mouth of the vagina in women, dripping pus resembles sweetened condensed milk which usually leaves spots on the underwear.

Pus generally drips when I wake up in the morning (morning drip). If the disease has been ongoing for years (more than 6 months), the symptoms may no longer be apparent. The disease usually has lodged deep into the deeper reproductive organs. In men it has gone to the testicles, or has reached the prostate gland and in women it can reach the fallopian tubes. Almost the same as gonorrhea there are other types of germs that are also transmitted through sex, namely chlamydia bacteria.


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