The Best Matching Sweatsuits for Travel, Work From Home, or Anytime!


Even before America settled into sweatpants in 2020, the loungewear category was already seeing sartorial innovation. Brands like Lunya and Pangaia were rethinking the way we see our laid-back “soft clothes,” offering thoughtful designs and luxe fabrics that relegated our weathered grey sweatpants to the back of the closet. Of course, the pandemic caused the inevitable loungewear trend to skyrocket, putting the spotlight on even more cool, eco-conscious brands with the best matching sweatsuits in the game.  

Suddenly, Selena Gomez was wearing a minimalist knit sweatsuit on HBO, Tracee Ellis Ross was sporting a minty green set on Instagram, and Zendaya was doing the good work of normalizing the blazer-over-sweatshirt look. Now that we’ve reached an era where sweatsuits are fashionable enough to post to the grid, we decided to round up a few stylish options to live your most comfortable life in—just in time for cozy season. Find your favorite matching pair to boost your mood while you work from home, travel in easy style, or literally wrap yourself up in any time—considered coziness knows no bounds.

From minimalist, modern sets to streetwear-inspired styles, read on to discover the best matching sweatsuits you can buy right now. And here’s hoping the sweats trend continues beyond this moment because let’s face it, there’s really no going back from here.


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